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MSME Mahurangi Sheet Metals & Engineering is your premier solution for high-quality hydraulic ram servicing and repairs.

We specialise in the troubleshooting, repair, and reconditioning of hydraulic systems. You can count on us for hydraulic repair anytime, no matter the size of the engine. Our wide range of hydraulic services includes:

Hydraulic cylinder diagnosis


Precision honing

Shaft grinding and re-chroming

Cylinder barrel re-manufacture

Hard chrome cylinder shaft repair

Slow acting ram repair

Component service, reconditioning and modifications

Cylinder leak or by-pass repair

Truck hoist service and reconditioning

Compressor housing

Expect top-quality service from our team of expert technicians. Is your hydraulic cylinder due for a repair or service? When we provide hydraulic repair service, we also include a full seal replacement to ensure maximum performance and to extend the service life of the pump. Our workshop is stocked with a wide variety of high-quality parts like hard chrome bars and hydraulic tubes for fast replacements, allowing our team to work efficiently on your job without waiting for parts to arrive.

Give us a call and get a quote or arrange a service or repair on the part you need to have fixed or replaced.

MSME Agricultural Equipment Hydraulic Specialists – Solutions and expertise for all your agricultural equipment maintenance

Agricultural machines are often used for long hours. Under such rigorous conditions, it is important to use sturdy and reliable parts that will keep your farm equipment running. No matter what kind of farming machinery you use, whether it’s tractors, diggers, bob-cats, cranes, or tip-trucks,as long as it has hydraulics, we can repair and service it for you.
Are you looking for a customised design? We also provide design enhancements. MSME Mahurangi Sheet Metals and Engineering also provide personalised design solutions for your agricultural hydraulics.
From improving the system for ease of access and convenience to designing and installing new features so that your hydraulics and equipment are better supported, we can do that for you.
For agricultural equipment hydraulics repairs, servicing, or improvements, call us or send us a message.

Keep your waste management equipment and vehicles working efficiently

If you’re in the business of waste management, you know the vital role hydraulics play in the collection and disposal of waste. Ensure that your hydraulics are efficient, in top condition, and responsive when you bring them here at MSME Mahurangi Sheet Metals and Engineering. We help you increase the performance of your machine in the shortest turn-around time.

With our in-house specialists, we get your vehicles up and running as quickly as possible. We also offer design services for specialised work vehicles from waste to roading.

For repair or maintenance works on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, truck hoists or waste compactors, call us today.
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