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We use quality steel to produce a variety of kitchen benchtops. We make your kitchen functional, practical and beautiful. Our capable team has more than 20 years of experience in engineering elegant kitchens. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with your custom designed kitchen bench. Our prices are very competative and we always deliver our products on time.

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✅ Industry Leaders ✅ 20+ Years Experience ✅ On-time delivery ✅ 100% Quality Workmanship ✅ Built to your Specs

Our product range includes:

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Your Kitchen sink and Benchtop is the central hub of your home

The kitchen is an important part of the home. It is a place where meals are made and stored, bonds are made and some special moments are shared. Therefore, while furnishing your kitchen, it is necessary to be creative. Your ability to select kitchen wares based on your knowledge and personality comes into play as well and that is why renovation of the kitchen is key to adding a touch of personal flavour and style. In short, making it exquisite and yet, your own.

Do you intend on installing a new kitchen counter top, or perhaps replace your worn-out kitchen sink and stainless steel kitchen bench tops? It is certainly something to take out time and think on properly, to enable you select the most appropriate bench that gives your kitchen that look and feel. These days, there are a variety of kitchen benchtop options to pick from and this can sometimes be daunting.

Your options when it comes to kitchen benchtops

Stone Benchtops

A few of them include the stone benchtops. Stone has been a relevant material of choice for architects for thousands of years now. However, today, it is still used but more commonly seen to be engineered and polished to display supreme finishes and colourful effects. It could either be marble, granite or limestone.

Timber Benchtops

Timber benchtops, almost lost fame as the benchtop of choice, since it almost disappeared due to the fact that it gets old pretty fast because it isn't sanded and scrubbed. However, modern day companies that specialize in these type of kitchen benchtops make use of the scrubbing, sanding and laminating technique to give it a fine finish and make it last longer.

Concrete Benchtops

Concrete benchtops are more flexible and can be of any colour you decide because they are poured and polished onsite, in-situ, or made in the factory. You can also try to do it yourself, although, it is better an expert does it because then, it is quicker and done well with less pitfalls because they have the technical know-how.

Stainless steel benchtops – The one to rule them all

Stainless steel benchtops, on the other hand, have that modern look and feel and are commonly used as commercial kitchen equipment. It's benefits are definitely therein that it is exquisite, durable and have that classy touch to it. These benchtops are basically indestructible and can therefore last for many years. It is hygienic, easy to clean (using a stainless teel polish that buffs the surface and gives it a lovely shine), stain resistant and does not corrode or rust because it is an iron-carbon alloy, hence its durability. It is also heat proof; which means that hot pots and pans can be transferred directly onto it. They don't chip and contribute to that cool, elegant look. While installing a stainless steel benchtop, a stainless-steel kitchen sink and vent should go with it.

When you are looking to give your kitchen a face lift, all the benefits of these various kitchen benchtop types should be put into consideration and you have to make sure it is your style, you are comfortable with it so that you don't feel like a stranger in your own kitchen!


✅ Industry Leaders ✅ 20+ Years Experience ✅ On-time delivery ✅ 100% Quality Workmanship ✅ Built to your Specs

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