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Abrasive Blasting Solutions

Auckland’s Best Coating And Rust Removal Specialist

MSME is your premier solution for all things sandblasting. We deliver a versatile and dustless method to all your coating and rust removal needs. When removing the old coatings and rust of many metals, concrete and other surfaces, we utilize both sand and soda depending on the surface structure. Our new sandblasting equipment has been proven more efficient and effective than using sanders and grinders, which is outdated and a waste of time.

Our team of elites are well trained and operate with the most recent safety equipment to ensure the safety of every individual in the area, including themselves.
Here at MSME, we offer an extensive range of paint preparation and rust removal services. Do you want a hassle-free project? Forget grinding and sanding, avail our stripping services now.
Are you trying to recondition that brickwork or get that project car ready for the repaint? No worries, we got you covered.
The advantages of Sandblasting and Soda Blasting is that it provides a wide range of application to improve paint finishes, eliminate rust at its roots and strip out all unwanted contaminants.

Our Work

Brick Cleaning

No Matter the type, age, condition, or colour of the brickwork, Sandblasting know how to clean it.

Internal Paint Removal

Sandblasting can remove paint or graffiti from all types of surfaces, which includes woods, stone, metal, brick and steel.

External Paint Removal

From sandblasting house fronts, cleaning and external brickwork to remove paint and clean the surface to restore back to its original.

Concrete Cleaning

If you want your concrete returned to its original clean look or you need to apply a waterproof finish, concrete cleaning from Auckland Sandblasting.

Timber & Oak Cleaning and Restoration

We sandblast all types of timber from existing beams in pubs, barns and houses to remove paint or varnish to restore timber back to its.

Stone Restoration

There are few materials with aesthetic and raw appeal of natural stone. However, years of dirt, dust, grime, and other matter can.

Metal Blasting

We sandblast various types of metal using techniques that effectively remove paint and rust, which will restore the metal back.

We Blast Method

At MSME, we are able to provide a professional level finish and across a whole range of surfaces.

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We provide our expert services throughout Auckland and surrounding areas. Get in touch for our expert advice.

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