We build effective Custom Kitchen Vents and Stove Hoods to your Requirements

We design and manufacture custom Kitchen Hoods that satisfy your needs and budget. Our Kitchen Vent Design service includes on-site measurements and projections as well as 3D modelling of your project. We design Stove Hoods that comply with Health, Fire and Insurance specifications. Our range of quality materials includes all types of metal and we can advise you on the right choice for your Extraction System.

Whether you are looking for a brand-new kitchen or a re-visit of your existing one, we can build a kitchen that is highly practical while elevating the uniqueness of your home.

Our product range includes:

☖ Kitchen Hoods ☖ Kitchen Extractions ☖ Kitchen Vents ☖ Stove Hoods ☖ Oven Hoods
☖ Stove Vents ☖ Custom Kitchen Hood Vents

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